I know of a place

Where ghost boys wander in cities _

they call home.

This is where boys sieve the sand

searching for their lover's body _

This is where my brother hugged his lover

and said goodbye _

Here, a man kisses another

& hears bullets hitting his windows.

Here, a man kisses another and hears a mob running on his skin.

The radio said a father shot his son for loving another man

But I do not believe him.

So many things are wrong around here!

This is where boys see fire for saying the word love.

This is where I wrote this poem,

mourning boys whose bodies

became cities searching for freedom.

SAMUEL JUNIOR IRUSOTA is a multiple award winning poet, Author and Lawyer. He is the Author of a boy's body Is War ( a collection of Poems). He won the Clash of Pens Poetry Contest 2019. He is a co- winner of the Poets In Nigeria (PIN) Food Poetry Contest 2018. His works have appeared in and are fort coming on Praxis Magazine, Tuck Magazine, Indian Periodical, kalahari review amongst others. He believes that poetry is a tool with which we can change the world. He writes from Edo State in Nigeria.