I name my corpse a cemetery

Where barren tongues capture the voice

they call jinx.

My whole body is everywhere; a place

wandering souls call home.

You dare not bless this body that died

while thirsting for love---

a misfortune chosen for it by birth.

My mother died while blessing my corpse

for eluding with the shame she unknowingly planted.

But I do not believe her.

So many things were not right with the way I left!

Like how she tucked white wools in between

my nostrils the moment I stopped breathing,

as though she really wanted to switch her status by

keeping me.

I do not want to question why I was invited in the first


when I know clearly that

there's a huge difference in housing a guest

from accommodating a stranded wanderer.

Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan is a budding writer who writes from the soul about himself, his life and the ebbing African culture. He is a penultimate medical Laboratory science student, who hails from Ebonyi State, Nigeria. He has lots of unpublished artworks to his credit. His works have been published in the Quills, Ace World, and has also contributed in lots of many anthologies.