& we sojourned ..

human beings broadcasted into lintels of beacons, sharing a common signal with grief..

velvet palliums flaked into flints of miscarried hate..

who could have known we were paragraphs, cut off from the body of a comprehensive town..?


gradually we drifted..

a swarm of elegy, sympathized into the night that cross breeds the breath of day..


amongst us were raped daughters blushed in crimsons of red..

children starched to docile skeletons, that

weren't the backs of their mother..

offsprings who knew no better comfort, than the odour of their overused umblicals..


we saw a woman concertinaed into the walls of her satin...

she was half bent, laundering her husband's last sentence in a swamp of tear..

another, grudgingly dragged the limp state of his brother, lynched to an oversized cravat..

if not for anything, to convince the universe that he too once owned siblings...


beside me was a man with a set of badly filed eyetooth..

the only thing he ever murmured was how his wife's corpse was snuck away..

a young girl hassled a chunk of her father's flesh, embalmed it in between a white serviette..

& made the mystery of cannibalism stink heavily beneath my nostrils ..


the handicapped amongst us resorted to begging for arms..

unknown to them that we were just a life support away from our suffocating catacomb..

pulverized catalogues..

clinging unto skirts of just the unknown..

Nnadi Samuel is a 20 year old graduate of English & literature from the University of Benin. Have works previously published in libretto magazine, Ace world Publishers, Eggs & Jam magazine & a few others. If he is not writing, you can find him reading out memes on Facebook @ Samuel Samba