There is a man who loves me & i am the only one

who can see him. At this point he has been dead

more than half my life. I heard there’s a word for women

like me, I couldn’t tell you the word  cus no one will say it to my face.

I've spent 15 years saying the word death, it’s the only way I can control it.

I opened my heart & Hell closed her gates. Heaven noticed.

There is a city in America where the state bird is a blimp, i can’t

deny the desire  to be represented by a murderless flight,

an angel is the national bird of my heart, I know it’s not a bird, but the wings

won't fry, i know my heart is not a city, but it is a ghost town which means: once there were

people here. It's not abandoned. I visit the place 7 times a day. It visits me relentlessly.

A convenient grave, the flowers place themselves, the drive is short. Took years to create.

The first thing people offer you when you want to build a time machine is pity. They assume

You have no place in the present. They assume that is sad. You must be lost

if you are still searching for something. You are the footsteps of the dead man

walking. I think you must be something

 since you are still searching.

SIAARA FREEMAN is from Cleveland Ohio, an avid reader, a reliable nerd, a poet, a performer

and the friendly neighborhood hope dealer. She loves teaching and learning, curiosity is the key to her heart. She began writing and performing when she was a child and began competing as a teenager in the national competition Brave New Voices. She has toured nationally and internationally. She is published in various literary magazines, journals and anthologies.

Siaara is a two time nominee for the pushcart prize, a finalist for the 2017 Button Poetry chapbook competition, a 2017 Bettering American Poet, Best Of The Net Poet, a 2018 winter tangerine chapbook fellow and a  2018 Poetry Foundation incubator fellow. Siaara is a four year PinkDoor Fellow & a current Pinkdoor Faculty member. She has coached numerous teen and adult poets. She is the founder of Wusgood.Black and Co- Founder of Outsiders Writing Retreat. She is a teaching artist with Center For Arts Inspired Learning & a bartender for Cleveland Public Theater.  In her spare time she is growing her afro so tall God mistakes it for a microphone and tries to speak through her. Her first collection of poems Raised By The Dead is forthcoming in 2019 from Honeysuckle Press