Algebra, Asylum, and is the first lady of fashion

common core, numbers, Saxon

Singapore, fraction, improper, arrays

break away

regroup the Earth turbulent

forecast for the day, equations

border the storm with the missing

what to wear

 in the promise of time grinding

 the divine unaccounted  for, disappear

 you will find no mercy here

 in care, I don’t do

you, citizen, how many meters to dreams

 in Mexico, Salvador, Guatemala  talking the talk,  walking

 the walls chip and measure the cruel

 what to wear, what to wear while you writhe on concrete

I pray, he gave

 moments of brutal

 back to the algorithm of  American 

man is conservative centimeter, the chosen

 rule the dark

 in the night of beguiling,does it whisper and beseech

cast your child upon the sea, into the river

wide , river deep, what to wear

 inside the thickened weeds, what to wear

 when it calls you home  to sleep.

SANDY OLSON-HILL is a disabled artist, a  Teaching Artist, a cat lady, a mom, and a writer. Hill's prose and poetry been published widely, and internationally. Awards include Academy of American Poets Prize, Open Doors Short Fiction Award along with a Creative Access Residency Fellowship via the Alliance of Artists Communities.